[talk] Fwd: [announce] Wednesday NYC*BUG: DTrace/book party with GNN

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Tue Mar 3 12:27:04 EST 2015

Pete Wright:
> On 03/03/15 06:03, George Rosamond wrote:
>> Isaac (.ike) Levy:
>>> On 03/01/15 17:14, George Rosamond wrote:
>>>> Wednesday's meeting is a big deal for us. Definitely spread the word
>>>> near and far.
>>>> Copies of the GNN/Kirk/RWatson book will be available to win or buy.
>>> And from a special place in our hearts,
>>> http://www.blackskyresearch.net/hackers.jpg
>> from the movie?
> first you must hack the gibson, then you will know what movie that still
> frame is from :p
> i expected more from you gman - nice find .ike!

I can't remember this morning, much less seeing the Matrix in the
theater in 1997 or whatever.

And not a fan of that movie at all... and never saw Hackers from
beginning to end.

g and his fading tech legitimacy...

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