[talk] Old style packages (with compat) on FreeBSD 10?

Siobhan Lynch slynch2112 at me.com
Thu Mar 5 14:03:11 EST 2015

Ok, guys I’ve been out of commission and was at school for bioinformatics, so I am just getting back into this, so if this is an obvious question…. please just point me to the correct place.

I am trying to put splunk on a freebsd 10 box - but the package is an old format package (and worse its for FreeBSD 7).

So question, is there a way to install old format packages using pkgng, OR is there a better alternative to splunk that is free?

I shouldn’t have to wrestle with this stuff - lol - not after 20 years :) Thanks for the patience, I figure the fastest answer will come here...


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