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Wow, awesome. i haven't had a chance to play with this yet, as i only heard about it last week. Cant wait to see where this goes, and try it out on a few different platforms i have -- including one that is exynos (arm64).

Anyone put together images for these?

On March 7, 2015 8:31:59 PM EST, George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com> wrote:
>Crochet is now an official FreeBSD project.. really a well-done
>for building images, aimed initially just at ARM but it expanded.
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>Subject: freebsd/Crochet
>Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 20:57:43 -0800
>From: Tim Kientzle <t
>To: freebsd-arm <freebsd-arm at freebsd.org>
>I am very happy to announce that the Crochet project has officially
>moved from my
>personal account to the FreeBSD project account on github.  It can now
>be found at:
>https://github.com/freebsd/crochet <https://github.com/freebsd/crochet>
>In particular, this means that a larger group of freebsd developers are
>now participating
>in ongoing Crochet development.
>Practically speaking, github will redirect old URLs to the new location
>and the move
>should be transparent to existing Crochet users and contributors.
>For those unfamiliar, Crochet is a tool for generating runnable system
>images of
>FreeBSD.  It was originally developed in mid-2012 for building
>BeagleBone images and
>has since expanded with support for many other ARM boards, as well as
>Generic i386
>and VMWare images.  It is similar in many respects to nanobsd, but has
>more of a
>focus on cross-building and supporting a variety of boot systems.
>(Although I don’t
>recommend it as a regular practice, I have confirmed that Crochet can
>runnable VMWare i386 images from a BeagleBone. ;-)
>Best to all,
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