[talk] NetBSD on Hardkernel ODROID-C1

MIke Nichols mike at myownsoho.net
Thu Mar 19 11:36:24 EDT 2015

> Steven Kreuzer:
> > NetBSD now runs on a $35 dollar quad core ARMv7 board that has 1G of RAM and gigabit ethernet
> > 
> > http://blog.netbsd.org/tnf/entry/netbsd_ported_to_hardkernel_odroid <http://blog.netbsd.org/tnf/entry/netbsd_ported_to_hardkernel_odroid>
> I know there's been a lot of FreeBSD work on the ODroid also.
Good to know, I'm excited :D
> Daisuke Aoyama has Nas4Free running on it now, and it sounds relatively
> stable.
> I've been frustrated recently with ARM stuff due to regularly flaky
> microSD cards left and right.  I can't do anything remotely
> disk-intensive on them without getting bad CRC errors, 'undiagnosable'
> svn errors, etc.
> It seems only stuff using SD cards is consistent.
> g

That's why the Odroid's use EMMC modules, which come with adapters so you write to them as microSD's, but they boot on the first run like embedded flash.

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