[talk] Washington Post article on Linus/Linux

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon Nov 9 00:39:36 EST 2015

Referenced in a recent Theo presentation...


Honorable mention to the OpenBSD crew early in the article (hint: the
monkeys), as one of the many security experts at odds with Linus.
Surprise, surprise if you didn't pick up the theme over the past few years.

The grsecurity comments have been pretty noisy over the past few years,
and receive a lot of mention.

Pretty remarkable article.. rather, shocking.  In reality, nothing
really has changed in my memory.  No one cared about spam until upper
management gets too many "C1al1s" emails, or until an attachment shuts
down the firm for a morning, or a web site is defaced, or customer data
is lost on laptop and it's publicly disclosed... to imagine that all the
corporations paying devs to contribute code have any different attitude
to security would be humorous.


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