[talk] Bourne meeting

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Nov 20 12:00:57 EST 2015

It was an honor to have Stephen Bourne speak for us last night. It was a
great meeting, and the buzz reflected nicely in the conversations
afterwards.  We look forward to having him around in the future, even
just as a "fly on the wall" as he mentioned. (SRB is in the bcc)

Also, huge thanks to Patrick M. on the video streaming.  We don't know
the remote viewing numbers at this point, but his efforts go beyond what
he just does onsite--he also works out the "post-production" end so it
can be uploaded to YouTube.

For years we had failures in getting our conferences and events
recorded, and we frankly gave up. One of us argued that the only way a
conference can get recordings done and done correctly is if you hire
someone to do it.  He was the first (and last :) person to offer to
manage it, and he's done an amazing job for years.

Remember, no December meeting but there is a city-wide holiday party on
Monday, December 14th.  We'll be back to our regularly scheduled first
Wednesday of the month in January.


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