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George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com> writes:

> I haven't seen a lot of details like this, but thought it was an
> interesting blog post about moving from Linux to FreeBSD and his
> comments about systemd.
> http://www.textplain.net/blog/2015/problems-with-systemd-and-why-i-like-bsd-init/
> And we should be having a meeting BSD init in early 2016 </hint,hint>
> (on the side: the name systemd bothers me... it's a great term used in
> another context as per
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_D_%28disambiguation%29)

I got interested in "Systeme D" some time ago; your post triggered a
memory and led me to some old notes...

System D

Systeme D = French for "it's your problem, not mine"

Corollary to Adams' S.E.P. field (someone else's problem)



Related to bricolage, which basically means tinkering or something made
by tinkering. Related, therefore, to hacking.

The cmu.edu link is dead now, but for reference:

has a colorful reference to "systeme D".  It is otherwise incredibly

The second URL at padawan.info is all about Systeme D does a great job
of explaining it.  FWIW.  YMMV.

... and yes, hysterically funny they called it "systemd".

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