[talk] NYC*BUG: Upcoming and this Wednesday on OPNsense

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon Sep 14 16:04:12 EDT 2015

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Sept 16, Wednesday, 1845 PM
OPNsense: On the Shoulders of Giants, Isaac (.ike) Levy
Stone Creek Bar & Lounge: 140 E 27th St
Notice: this month will not be the usual first wed.


OPNsense is a BSD-licensed, easy-to-use and easy-to-build FreeBSD-based
firewall and routing platform.

This presentation is a hands-on preview of OPNsense, and should appeal
to a wide range of people looking for BSD based router and firewall

With hands-on examples and gear on-site, we'll be covering:

    OPNsense Overview, a fast features walk-through
        As a fork of pfSense, why fork?

    Life with OPNsense today...
        Lots changing every week under the hood!
        Thanks to the stable FreeBSD Base, OPNsense is solid through

    Goals through next spring...
        Implementation high-level,
        Technical aims of the project
        Why an appliance, why not a package?
        The roadmap/goals for 2016
        Why a granular development process?
        HardenedBSD (Whaaaa?!)
        LibreSSL, OpenSSL

    Scratching my itch,
        Localized Translations!
        AWS/Cloud Images, (why? how?)

    OPNsense Project Future.
        ike's view of post-2016, many possibilities...
        Musing on building an appliance with FreeBSD

    Hands-on with hardware!



Speaker Bio

Isaac (.ike) Levy is a crusty UNIX Hacker.

ike, a long-time pfSense user, has moved on to become a contributor to
the OPNSense project. Ike has been focused on i18n work, and Japanese
translations, and for his sins, has been hacking on AWS AMI builds:


In 2006, ike gave an overview on pfSense and it`s mother project
m0n0wall, which were new and exciting router platforms back then,

"throw your Linksys/SoHo/WiFi router in the garbage where it belongs"

In 2010, ike gave an overview of life with pfSense in Datacenter/Large

"you might wanna` put your Sonicwall/Juniper/Cisco routers up on Ebay."

A long-time community contributor to the *BSD's, ike is obsessed with
high-availability and redundant networked servers systems, mostly
because he likes to sleep at night. Standing on the shoulders of giants,
his background includes partnering to run a Virtual Server ISP before
anyone called it a cloud, as well as having a long history building
internet-facing infrastructure with UNIX systems.

.ike has been a part of NYC*BUG since it was first launched in January
2004. He was a long-time member of the Lower East Side Mac Unix User
Group, and is still in denial that this group no longer exists. He has
spoken frequently on a number of UNIX and internet security topics at
various venues, particularly on the topic of FreeBSD's jail(8).

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