[talk] secure boot

Brian Coca briancoca+nycbug at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 14:58:27 EDT 2016

Most of you should have seen this by now from HN, but I thought it
merited discussion here, added full thread as the responses are/will
be interesting also.


So I've been away from this for a while, last I looked the 'secure
boot' was 'promised' to be shipped with the ability to turn off for
PCs. I know that windows 'tablet's have shipped with this ON and not
toggable, I'm not aware of server/desktop/laptop hardware with the
same issues.

I expect the BSD crowd to encounter these most often as the major
Linux distros have bought certificates or created 'shim loaders' (I
believe some BSDs have ported these)  to avoid this, though
gentoo/sorcerer/any source based/ will probably still have the same

I would like to know what other people are thinking about this.

Does this finally signal the migration away from x86? Will this be
another boost for ARM? hobbyists  had already started going this

Or has this issue become irrelevant as we are all being pushed to 'the
cloud' and will not own our own computing anyways? Leaving our
'interface terminals' to be IOS/Android phone/laptop/tablets that are
completely controlled by the manufacturer/bandwidth providers?

Brian Coca

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