[talk] A blog post on the BSD family of operating systems

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Apr 22 14:31:16 EDT 2016

On 04/22/16 13:07, Sevan wrote:
> Hello,
> I put together a blog post to cover a talk I gave at the British
> Computing Society last month about why *BSD would be an appropriate
> choice in a hardware project to a group of open source hardware enthusiasts.
> https://www.geeklan.co.uk/?p=2061
> George suggested I should forward the link here. Apparently there are
> folks who are into this sort of thing. :)

No.  Wrong list.  Completely irrelevant!

Seriously, it's a nice clear overview that I tend to think isn't usually

Sevan: you should really integrate the Kirk copycenter quote :)


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