[talk] Gitlabs going post-cloud with Metal

Isaac (.ike) Levy ike at blackskyresearch.net
Fri Dec 23 20:03:14 EST 2016

Hey all,

So, a breath of fresh air:

Gitlabs, (revenue for Github), is apparently leaving the cloud for metal.

Their open-ish community input process is pretty cool, and their numbers and projections line up *exactly* with what I've presented before- (one order of magnitude cost savings over 3 years, with radically increased computing/network horsepower).

As if that isn’t cool enough, NYI is one of the two datacenters they are considering, (w00t!)

Their full breakdown and request for comments is here,

They posted a cost spreadsheet breakdown here,

And for the adventurous, a Hacker News thread,

Absolutely worth a read for those interested in the topic- even the comments, it's interesting to me to see so much good old marketing FUD being spouted by cloud fanboys.  (Sounds just like Microsoft vs *NIX in the early 2000’s).

And regarding their actual spec, it’s pretty interesting too- straightforward, if not a bit too many bells and whistles going nuts with gear IMHO :)  Even with the bells and whistles, their cost comes down to reasonable/sustainable levels- good stuff…  After growing something as big as Gitlabs in AWS, I certainly guess they *deserve* to rock some bells and whistles.


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