[talk] Up board

Craig MacGregor cmacgreg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 19:03:29 EST 2016

Maybe I just have a lot of SO-DIMMs and old cases lying around, and don't
really need something Pi-sized... I bought one of the ASRock Celeron
J1900-based motherboards; it runs FreeBSD like a champ, and it's pretty
good for a home ZFS file server, since it has 4xSATA ports. The processor
is comparable (or better) and adding 2GB RAM shouldn't really cost too much
more than $20 either, so it still comes in at <$100 for a "real", but
small, motherboard.

This is actually the next gen; probably nearly twice as fast as the Up or
the J1900 models, and still has 4xSATA (but I can't confirm how well it
runs *BSD):
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