[talk] AsiaBSDCon 2016 May.10-13 Online Registration Open!

Jun Ebihara jun at soum.co.jp
Fri Feb 19 02:16:23 EST 2016

Registration Page:

Place:Morito Memorial Hall at Kagurazaka Tokyo

Day 1: Tutorials and Small Meetings I
 March 10, 2016 Thu
 FreeBSD Developer Summit (3/10-11, invited only, visit this URL)
 bhyvecon 2016

An Introduction to the FreeBSD Open-Source Operating System, 
 Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick (March 10 and 11)
(D)Tracing FreeBSD for DevOps and Developers,
 George V. Neville-Neil (March 10 and 11) 
Connecting remote offices using SSH reverse tunneling,
 Oskar  Fagerfjall (March 10) 

Day 2: Tutorials and Small Meetings II
 March 11, 2016 Fri

 NetBSD Developer Summit (3/11, invited only)
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 NetBSD BoF (3/11) 
 *BSD Vendor Summit (3/11)

An Introduction to the FreeBSD Open-Source Operating System, 
 Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick
(D)Tracing FreeBSD for DevOps and Developers
  George V. Neville-Neil 
Secure BSD Web Application Development in C
 Kristaps Dzonsons
Getting Started with the FreeBSD Documentation and Translation Projects 
 Dru Lavigne and Benedict Reuschling

Day 3: Paper Session I
 March 12, 2016 Sat

 CheriBSD: A research fork of FreeBSD, Brooks  Davis 
 bhyve ATA emulation, Mihai  Carabas 
 How to break long-term compatibility in NetBSD, Joerg  Sonnenberger  
 FreeBSD Test Cluster Automation, Kamil  Czekirda 
 Implementation of Xen PVHVM drivers in OpenBSD, Mike  Belopuhov
 Xen HVMlite and FreeBSD, Roger  Pau Monn 
 FreeBSD based high density filers, Baptiste  Daroussin
 Bitrig ports: BSD ports, packages, and Uncommon Operating Systems, John C. Vernaleo
 TLEM, very high speed link emulation, Luigi  Rizzo
 diskctl(8): A permissively-licensed S.M.A.R.T. and raw disk command utility framework,
  Michael  Dexter 
 Peripheral-side USB support for NetBSD, Hiroyuki  Bessho   
 Banquet (in Arcadia Ichigaya)

Day 4: Paper Session I
 March 13, 2016 Sat

 CloudABI: Pure capability-based security for UNIX, Ed  Schouten 
 Type-aware kernel virtual memory access, Daniel  Lovasko
 Improving the FreeBSD Translation Tools, Warren  Block 
 Through the Wire: Measurement and Improvement of a software based IPSec implementation,
  George V. Neville-Neil 
 Booting from Encrypted Disks on FreeBSD, Allan  Jude 
 Running an ISP on OpenBSD, Henning  Brauer 
 Keynote K02: Steve  Bourne      
 Improving High-Bandwidth TLS in the FreeBSD kernel , Scott  Long 
 SocialBSD: A Review of Diversity and Inclusivity Initiatives in the *BSD Community 
  and Imagining Future Pathways, Brian Robert Callahan 
 OpenBSD rc.d(8), Antoine  Jacoutot  
 A Brief History of the BSD Fast Filesystem ,Marshall Kirk McKusick 
 FreeBSD on Cavium ThunderX System on a Chip , Zbigniew  Bodek
 Work-in-Progress Session


I'll make NetBSD BOF and NetBSD booth!
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