[talk] last night's installfest

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Jan 7 15:01:13 EST 2016

Installfests can be dry and turn into a bunch of people staring at the

Last night wasn't one of those nights.  And I think it was clear we need
to do them more.

There was some confusion with the room, and we had to be out by 8 PM,
but for the time we were there, it was a success.  Poor Ike dragged a
big container of cables and hardware from work...

We had a good mix of the new and old, along with an array of hardware.
Most of the BSDs were tinkered with, and hardware from BeagleBones and
Raspberry Pis to Thinkpad Carbons and the venerable Soekris, etc., were
install targets.

For the next one, it would be good if more people hit talk@ and said
what they wanted to get out of it... which BSD, which architecture,
which hardware.


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