[talk] S3 Work-a-likes

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Thu Nov 3 11:09:26 EDT 2016

On 11/03/2016 07:38, Mark Saad wrote:
> All
>   Last night there was a discussion about s3 work-a-likes. Here are the two that I know of.
> 1. LeoFS .
>      Written in Erlang, and runs well enough on FreeBSD, Solaris, Illumos , Linux and maybe even  Windows.
> Written by rakuten and used in production on a number of things. Including Project-Fifo.net, Rakuten.com
> and a number of other systems.
> http://leo-project.net/leofs/
> 2. Minio .
>     Written Go , and claims to be supported on many platforms .
> Its fairly new but aims to be fully compatable.
> https://minio.io

Minio is pretty good - I worked with them for a while (updated their 
wiki as well for FreeBSD support, testing and ran a POC at my old shop).

They are very eager to have more FreeBSD involvement, and ZFS is a 
really good fit for Minio as well.  I would classify it as a system 
capable of supporting small'ish S3 environments and i don't think it has 
support yet for distributed backing datastores.  If you were building a 
huge S3-like system you'd probably want it backed by a clustered 
filesystem so you can scale out storage and IOPS between many nodes in 
your cluster.

Their "mc" S3 client is also pretty awesome - much better than the "aws 
s3" tools IMHO for interacting with S3.

Hope this helps,

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