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Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Fri Nov 4 03:17:06 EDT 2016

On Thursday, November 3, 2016, Cody Hess <cody.hess at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've been tasked with quality control on our office's wifi setup (no
> experience).
> We'll be serving less than 100 people in a 2500 square foot space with one
> significant wall.
> We've got a 1Gbps connection running into a Nokia 7368 ISAM ONT G-240G-C
> -- http://www.alfa2mil9.com/_InfPDF/Nokia/pol.pdf -- connected to a Ubiquiti
> EdgeRouter Lite -- https://www.ubnt.com/edgemax/edgerouter-lite/ --
> connected to a Ubiquiti wifi access point -- https://www.amazon.com/
> Enterprise-System-UBIQUITI-NETWORKS-UAP-LR/dp/B00HXT8S9G .

I recommend running a speed test on the port you're using for wifi on the
router and watch the CPU usage. On the lite models some features are not
hardware assisted on all ports, and if you end up doing packets in software
you'll get about 100Mbps rather than 1Gbps. Simple configurations should
work just fine though, I think our misconfiguration had a virtual switch or
bridge that we did not even need in the first place.

Our ubiquiti wifi / edge router combo works great (when not misconfigured),
but we have fewer people in a smaller office so it's not really comparable.

> We're getting another access point today and my initial thought is that
> this will be sufficient. I want to tell my people, "Thumbs up. This is good
> internet."
> ​Has anyone got suggestions or criticism, or am I good to go?​
> ​-Cody​
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