[talk] ARIN 38 involvement, vote!

Isaac Levy (.ike) ike at blackskyresearch.net
Fri Oct 21 16:58:12 EDT 2016

Hi All,

I just attended the ARIN 38 proceedings, (got to hang out with Ray Percival a bit in TX here!)

Two big things relevant to NYC*BUG, (and the BSD projects as a whole):

1) I got nominated for a seat on the ARIN Advisory Council, and for my candidacy, I’m running explicitly as a liaison to the entire *BSD community at large, and got to stand on stage yesterday to promise that.

If I do get elected, please expect me to be reaching out to NYC*BUG, as well as relevant lists for the projects- on various policy issues which would impact, or could be positively impacted by, the *BSD community.

2) VOTE?! If you are POC for an ARIN netblock or ASN, you can log in to your ARIN online account and vote for me, (provided of course you want to! :)  The election ends next Friday the 28th, 2pm sharp.

ARIN strongly encourages you to view the candidate biographies available in the ARIN Elections 2016 Voter Guide at:


Regardless of weather I get elected or not, ARIN 38 was truly enlightening- directly engaging live internet policy issues- and I plan to stay engaged in ARIN activities long term.

Yet, if I do get elected- I’m certainly dragging *ALL OF YOU* along with me, I certainly need your shoulders to stand on.

At the next NYC*BUG meeting, I’ll be happy to relay cool reflections on ARIN 38!


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