[talk] upcoming hackathon proposal: NYC BSD Tor bridges

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Tue Aug 8 13:44:00 EDT 2017

Thomas Levine:
> I am unlikely to attend, but I would like to contribute to the effort.
> It should be pretty straightforward to set up, no? I install the tor
> package and edit the tor configuration file. That said, if you expect
> that the hackathon will produce advice on how to configure the bridges,
> I will wait until that is ready.

Yes... all true.  Configuring a bridge is easy enough, plus dealing with
your own port forwarding.

> Now that I have settled on using disposible computers to avoid troubles
> at airports, I have several small computers that I don't know what to do
> with.  I was going to set them up with *BSD systems in hackerspaces so
> people could play with them, and it is much more interesting if they are
> doing something like this. They don't have good internet access, but the
> bridges will at least be useful in the morning when nobody is in the
> hackerspaces.

Sure... any stable internet connection, even with a non-static IP,
should be fine.


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