[talk] Disposible computers

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Tue Aug 8 16:49:00 EDT 2017

Thomas Levine:
> I will be happy to present the system once I have tested it on a few trips.

There is a lot of thoughts on this over the years... particularly today.

Some travel with little data, and pull it on the 'other side'.  Sync and
then delete before traveling back.

Some use VPNs.

Some encrypt and use passwd as a key, and maybe a digital private key.

Of course how are you carrying that private key is also a question.

There are a host of approaches in terms of 'hidden' partitions, which
aren't hidden from dd(1).

It all really depends on the threat model.  That should be the starting
point, and not the technology and tools. What are you trying to protect
and from whom, and how high are the stakes? That determines everything,
including how much hassle you are willing to endure for a solution.

Then there's always the most effective approach: don't bring anything,
which I've read is even impervious to a full dd.


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