[talk] January 3 meeting, claim your ports! :)

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Fri Dec 29 22:25:06 EST 2017

Hi talk --

Upcoming for the workshop on January 3, I thought I would collate some 
un-ported software so participants have some hands-on material. 
Participants will have completed ports to submit by the end! :)

I am also making a VirtualBox VM for people to use, which will be 
uploaded to the NYC*BUG mirror box. I will send a link once it is 
available. It's all set up and ready to start making ports.

You are of course welcome to port your own software, but here's a list 
of what I have for people:
* aee - A console and X11 editor that is very similar to FreeBSD's ee editor
* GNU bc - the GNU project's version of the bc and dc commands
* BSOD - a small program that recreates the authentic experience of 
using Windows XP - 7
* GNU Interactive Tools - a small suite of command-line tools (file 
browser, hex viewer, and ps viewer) from the GNU project
* py-bblame - an ncurses-based git history browser written in Python

This'll let us all tackle building ports written in C, C++, and Python, 
which are probably the most common languages in the ports tree. If 
there's something in the above list that you really want to write the 
port for, respond to the list and let us know!

NOTE: I highly recommend bringing a notebook and a pen to the workshop. 
Seriously. It's going to be a lot of material. We'll probably go over 
time (sorry in advance!).

Who here is planning on attending and writing a port? Even if it's not 
for one of the piece of software above, let me/us know if you're 


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