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J. Hellenthal jhellenthal at dataix.net
Sat Jul 1 07:37:50 EDT 2017

One way to find out... grab something that you want and ... Try it.

There is probably more support for it in Linux than BSD sad to say but that’s the ropes and there’s lots of live CDs out there to give it a whirl.

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On Jul 1, 2017, at 06:04, Sujit K M <kmsujit at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi All,

I recently purchased an Lenovo Flex 10 Idea Pad laptop. Below link for a spec.


I was quite impressed with it. Are there any UNIX users for this machine.
This is currently having windows 8 and with a lot of goodies like free Office
2013, etc.

I would also like to know the current status of Touchscreen notebooks on
FreeBSD/NetBSD or Open BSD or any other BSD Flavour. Or Even Linux.

Sujit K M

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