[talk] Suggest meeting topic: role of BSD in response to ransomware

Sujit K M kmsujit at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 10:57:53 EDT 2017

> https://wikileaks.org/vault7/
> Most of these exploits are Windows. It's just the easiest target. There's
> certainly at least this body of "tools" one can point to, and by inference
> on the art of war the bad guys doing ransomware are using similar
> technology. So far all ransomware attacks I've heard of (ever) target
> Windows networked storage.

What I simply don't understand in these attacks is how is a network storage
on a different network getting affected, unless there are some trojans etc
that have a back door to exploit. I have seen enough articles stating how
FBI had incoporated Back doors in Linux or for that matter *BSD's. Might be
I am wrong in stating that We are completely safe. But I find always poking
a jab at our weaker cousins like Windows should be a safe way out. As most
of the people exploiting Windows don't have an access to source code.

> I am certainly interested in how an office can use network storage without
> using Windows software, in a practical manner. Would be good to hear
> people's ideas on this. EG: How can you get a 20 person accounting firm to
> be more secure against such an attack while having to run Quickbooks and
> whatever their favorite tax software is, using shared document storage.

This is not correct though I cannot state where exactly or which software
supports this. One example is ixsystems.

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