[talk] (forw) FW: Open Security Roles at Jet

jpb jpb at jimby.name
Mon Jul 24 10:13:39 EDT 2017

Not sure if jobs@ is still active.

Jim B.


Below are links to the current open security positions at Jet.  All the roles are based in Hoboken other than the last one which is Dublin, Ireland.


1.      Application Security Engineer https://jet.com/about-us/working-at-jet/jobs?gh_jid=610235

2.      Director of Security, Infrastructure/Cloud https://jet.com/about-us/working-at-jet/jobs?gh_jid=721283

3.      Information Security Engineer https://jet.com/about-us/working-at-jet/jobs?gh_jid=98767

4.      Principal Security Engineer https://jet.com/about-us/working-at-jet/jobs?gh_jid=713715

5.      Principal Security Engineer in Dublin, Ireland  https://jet.com/about-us/working-at-jet/jobs?gh_jid=504876

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