[talk] Video streaming setup

Sevan Janiyan venture37 at geeklan.co.uk
Fri Jun 30 12:17:57 EDT 2017

Hi Patrick,
Thanks so much for those details, I got in touch with BCS A/V team & 
indeed they have a line feed which I can just patch in. Haven't gotten 
back to me yet about whether that's going to be available tomorrow or 
not though :/

Following the video instructions on the scaleengine site I got both 
flash live media encoder & OBS connected to the service. I was then able 
to watch the RTMP stream directly on VLC.

I settled on OBS (Open Broadcast Studio) on OS X (video worked with OBS 
on FreeBSD but my Line input source is an external firewire soundcard, 
I'm happy not to fly the BSD flag on this occassion and avoid wrestling 
with things if I do get a line feed from the PA system (1) compile 
kernel with firwire support, 2) are firewire soundcards even supported 
on FreeBSD??)

My ghetto broadcasting station

11" MacBook Air
SaffireLE firwire soundcard
firewire400 to firewire800 cable
firewire to thunderbold adapter
Logitech C922 camera
1TB external HDD with OS X El Capitan.

All ports loaded :)


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