[talk] Fwd: 2017-03-25-netbsd-hpcmips.img

Jun Ebihara jun at soum.co.jp
Thu Mar 30 21:44:33 EDT 2017

From: George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com>
Subject: Re: [talk] Fwd: 2017-03-25-netbsd-hpcmips.img
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 01:29:00 +0000

>>>   and comes as you are as you want to be.
>>> - tpctl: touch panel calibration:
>>>   click + 5 times + return
> I realized I missed that... but then it's unclear what to "click" "five
> times" to calibrate.. right or left mouse?  I tried a bunch of things,
> but still have to wait those 5-10 minutes.

tpctl means "touch panel control", special setting for hpcmips/arm/sh.
I'll make comment out next hpcmips image.

> I would love to upload a dmesg to dmesgd.nycbug.org for it... but since
> the wi(4) driver for my wireless PCMCIA cards isn't included in this
> image, and there's no ethernet, no USB..  I have to get a NetBSD box up
> to mount the CF card to post it.

What kind of card you have? give me some infomation to re-compile kernel.

> Sorry for combining a how-to with a mention of the tpctl-induced headache...

yup!thanx for your report.

Jun Ebihara

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