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On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 10:31 AM, Sujit K M <kmsujit at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am in the process of evaluating solutions that perform better with
> failover when
> used with Distributed Computing, Similar to Hadoop in Distributed
> Computing and
> K8/Docker in Failover. Is there any specific way to check this, Would
> for example
> using an C++ Server[1,2] cause this betterment.
> Also GOlang which is an very new language I would love to check for
> something that
> helps in similar Garbage Collection[3], Polymorphism[a.k.a hack with
> C++] to help in
> performance improvements.
> 1.https://github.com/eidheim/Simple-Web-Server
> 2.https://github.com/ipkn/crow
> 3.https://blog.golang.org/go15gc
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Hadoop/Spark and similar tools typically divide long running processes
minutes/hours into set of tasks. There failure model is typically that a
failure of task only sets the process back small amounts. For example if I
am filtering a 12GB file and I divide it into 12x 1GB sized tasks, the
failure of task 10 can be retried without forcing the other tasks to retry.

For the three projects you are mentioning two of them look like web based
micro-service architectures. These are typically for short processes that
have small state and no failover.

I think in those cases you are looking for something closer to erlang's
actor model.

Java- Akka
C++- c-actor framework https://actor-framework.org/

In c-actor framework you can create services on different nodes and those
services are transparently connected. Data passed between the services and
if components die they can be re-spawned and then the framework will wire
the service back together.

Note: c-actor framework is not a web-server, or http based micro-service
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