[talk] drm-next-kmod in CURRENT

Scott Robbins scottro11 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 08:01:07 EST 2017

Until now, to get my Haswell ULT working well in FreeBSD, I had to install
a snapshot, then use git to pull the latest drm-next, and build a kernel.
The more recent kernels also did something a bit weird that broke sudo with
an error of no tty present and no askpass program.  I never did figure out
what it did to ttys, but either used doas or sudo -S as workaround.

Anyway, there is a now a package for drm-next-kmod.  Although the port is
in 11.x, I don't think it works with anything but CURRENT at this point,
but regardless, it's working better than the git repo I had been using. I
did a brief write up at http://srobb.net/freebsdintel.html but anyone with
a later laptop that hadn't been working with FreeBSD and and Intel card
might give it a try.

In addition, the CURRENT snapshot I used seems to be doing better at
wireless. The yoga2 I was using has an Intel 7260 dual band card. With
Linux, I get speeds of 30-50 MB on the LAN, with FreeBSD I was only getting
2-3 MB.  Now, I sometimes, (though not always, sometimes it still only does
2-3 MB) 11-12 MB.  So, there are noticeable improvements, at least for my
yoga2 in the latest CURRENT.  (I do rebuild the kernel with

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