[talk] dmesg writes, usb stick booting

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Oct 5 20:27:00 EDT 2017

Isaac (.ike) Levy:
> Hi All,
> I'm interested in doing some laptop hardware evaluations.
> I remember some years ago, somebody had made a cool multi-bsd bootable
> image, which had a writable partition which mounted under each BSD on
> it?  (Was this Dru Lavigne if I remember correctly?)

BSD Certification Group... it was Jim Brown who has done these.

> Did anyone keep that up?  (I somehow remember it being a script which
> allowed a user to specify the disk image for each OS being loaded, so it
> was easier to keep up with OS updates.)

Jim is on list (I think)... so he can reply, but I think the build
script is out there.  It's QEMU based IIRC.

> --
> Anyhow, if nobody remembers that gem - I'm totally looking for any easy
> instructions on making *BSD from USB media, with a writable partition
> (to simply get dmesg output).  FreeBSD/OpenBSD are my particular
> targets, but any general instructions would be most appreciated.

Can you clarify?

So you want all the BSDs to boot off usb, and then to have a writeable
slice for dumping the dmesg?

And dmesgd is a great destination for those dmesgs!

I can now see hundreds of BSD people around the globe wandering big-box
computer stores booting off USB sticks before security arrives...


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