[talk] The OpenBSD Laptop Thread, again

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Mon Oct 30 13:48:09 EDT 2017

Hello all --

It has recently come to my attention that I desperately need a new 
laptop. Recently, I made a port of the SNOBOL4 languages (because hey, 
there's an implementation being maintained, and I'm sure people can use 
it) and as part of the build process, the software runs some benchmarks 
and asks you to submit the benchmark output via email. So I did, and 
come to find out I had the lowest benchmark numbers ever received from 
an i386 or amd64 machine. So yay, I'm the World Record Holder for 
slowest laptop. Let's fix that.

What are your recommendations? I do have some hard requirements: the GPU 
needs to support close to the newest OpenGL versions. The one I have now 
only does OpenGL 1, and that means some ports I want to finish I can't 
because I have no idea if they work or not because the GPU can't display 

Also needs to be cheap, because I'm a broke grad student. CPU power I'm 
more meh on. I realize that faster CPU means less time waiting for 
compiles but clearly I've gotten along just fine all these years...

It should also be noted to those who know the laptop personally, yes, 
I'm talking about the one with the handle on it. It needs to go.



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