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> On Aug 28, 2018, at 10:34 AM, Robert Menes <viewtiful.icchan at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've seen these guys before. They're doing a good thing for the community.
> I'd like to dive more into what makes their network infrastructure work and get to know them more. Maybe we should invite them for a talk?

Speaking as someone who has 5GHz (and 24GHz and 60GHz) radios in the air in NYC, well, more power to them, but it is a really rough environment.  The FCC has pretty much all but guaranteed that you have to either take a nearly-useless frequency (60GHz, google ‘oxygen absorption’) or just share with all those home users, Spectrum “public” access points, and whatever other garbage you find in the 5GHz band.  It’s shameful that we’re at this place where not even a small WISP or a non-profit with some funding has any low-cost licensed options available.


Equipment is also cheaper than ever, but it’s mostly 5GHz gear - great in some more rural locales, not so great in NYC.

A screenshot of some of the NYCMesh gear shows that it’s a bit icky:

https://nycmesh.net/panorama/1.7miles.png <https://nycmesh.net/panorama/1.7miles.png>  (take those PHY-layer speeds with a boulder-sized grain of salt - also note that they’re possibly running over power limits at one end)

They do have a map:

https://nycmesh.net/map/ <https://nycmesh.net/map/>

And lots of info in the Docs section, including how the supernode is setup:

https://docs.nycmesh.net/networking/ <https://docs.nycmesh.net/networking/>

TL;DR - cool project, but it’s not going to perform and I would expect the reliability to be rather spotty.  Not saying that’s their fault, it’s a consequence of doing this in NYC using unlicensed wifi gear.  


> --Robert
> On Tue, Aug 28, 2018, 02:20 Pete Wright <pete at nomadlogic.org <mailto:pete at nomadlogic.org>> wrote:
> this looks neat - anyone participating or have the skinny on this?
> https://nycmesh.net/ <https://nycmesh.net/>
> -pete
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