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On Feb 3, 2018 12:05 AM, "George Rosamond" <george at ceetonetechnology.com>

A while back there was an freebsd-arm@ discussion about building images
with the crochet tool, and including a sample src.conf file.

The src.conf file provides parameters for building or updating a system
from source. It allows different parts of the kernel to be removed, or
added.  The relevant application for crochet was in reducing the
footprint of a system for embedded use, but there are obvious security
benefits. It is/was also relevant for building GPL-less systems. But
there's more obvious applications, like, do you really need pf, ipfw and
ipf in your base system? Bluetooth on a server?  freebsd-update(8) if
you're following stable?

However, there's no default /etc/src.conf file in FreeBSD, and
maintaining one is tricky. There are unnoticed changes during releases.
The best method is to extract it from the man page, IMHO.

This is a script which I've toyed with for a while, and I think it's
"usable" for others who want to create an appropriate /etc/src.conf file
on the system the script is run.  It might need more cleanup, since it's
been sitting in my attic for a while.

I still maybe sort out the hierarchical aspects of the src.conf, ie, if

It assumes user land and the kernel are in sync, of course.


I'm curious to hear if others regularly use the /etc/src.conf file when
building from source.  Any comments/input on it are welcome.



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Shouldn't there be a wiki on freebsd.org. helpful for people to start off
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