[talk] Reverse presentation

Peter Varga pvarga at pvrg.net
Thu Feb 8 03:40:23 EST 2018

Greetings all:
Open up the chance to more people to present one’s idea and generate
more consecutive nycbug gatherings.The idea is streaming a presentation in, from remote.

Over the years many nycbug attendees moved or live away yet they all
made excellent presentations.  So in person presentation are time and
location sensitive.  Let’s remove the location part.  Would they like to
do it again?
Now even my phone can do video calls for quite long time reliably over
LTE.  So the source is covered. Restreaming can also be done since
streaming out works already. I am quiet certain the network logistics
can be figured out.
The only trouble, i think, is finding the logistics for the display.
Projector would work on a wall.  I am willing to donate to get a
projector for nycbug.org and any wall could be a display.  eBay links
for a quality flexible projector like device?
Any thoughts yeah nay?
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