[talk] Holidaze, AWS, and astounding "clock drift outage"

John C. Vernaleo john at netpurgatory.com
Wed Jan 3 13:28:04 EST 2018

> it's funny - this whole thing is just another chapter in my rant that 
> just like in the natural world a heterogeneous environment is a sign of 
> a healthy ecosystem.  sure, it may take more effort and complexity to 
> support a heterogeneous environment - but it does increase your ability 
> to survive changes outside of your control.
> the fact that intel has something like %90 market share of CPU's was 
> bound to have consequences, much like the fact that lord knows how many 
> start-ups are solely dependent upon AWS :/
> -pete

Some are solely dependent on Google's cloud.  That's almost diversity, 

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