[talk] a Port Maintainer day conference in NYC

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Jan 4 12:46:00 EST 2018

I'm forking this from my previous email, to open up the discussion and
generate some concrete ideas.

I'll repeat the basis:

after Brian C's OpenBSD porting meeting last night, it became clear that
there's a decent critical mass of port maintainers in the NYC area from
the BSD projects.

This specifically means people who port third-party applications to one
BSD or another for inclusion in the respective ports and packages. It
might include people who build and maintain large Mozilla ports, or
simple shell-based utilities. There might even be those involved in the
actual port-building infrastructure, ie, the Make environment that the
ports systems dwell in.

Assembling a bunch of them wouldn't be trivial, as we'd need space,
etc., but we could probably do this without a lot of extras past
NYCBSDCons require. Think no heavy sponsors, no catered food (except
maybe pizzas), no hotels.

There's some important issues to establish first:

* is the event aimed at current maintainers talking to other maintainers?

* if above is true, what topics would actually have them speaking the
same tongue to make the event worthwhile?

* would prospective maintainers be included on some level?

* if above is true, would porting workshops (like last night) be part of
the agenda?

Anyways, I hope this opens up some discussion on the topic, since this
will be the basis to determine whether this sort of event is feasible in



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