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Shawn Webb shawn.webb at hardenedbsd.org
Fri Jan 12 09:51:02 EST 2018

Hey Brian,

OPNsense works great on the APU2c4 devices from PC Engines (link
below). Both of your requirements can be met with OPNsense on it.

PC Engines: https://pcengines.ch/


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On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 06:47:34AM -0800, Brian Cully wrote:
> 	I???m looking to buy a pfSense router for home use, and was looking for
> recommendations. I don???t want to spend too much money, and the Netgate
> ones seem kind of pricy and overkill for what I need.
> 	The home is served by a 200Mbps cable modem, so I???d think basically
> any router would work fine. My main needs are:
> 	1) Ad blocking. I???ve gotten to the point where I want to put this on
> the router itself, since they???re in goddamn everything and there???s no
> such thing as Little Snitch for iOS.
> 	2) IPv6 tunnel with tunnelbroker.net.
> 	I???m pretty sure any pfSense device can deal with point 2, but I???d
> like to be sure before I drop the cash. As for ad blocking, I think I
> might need a little more horsepower to handle it. I also get the
> impression that the only platform that has universal support is amd64.
> 	So can anyone recommend something, preferably amd64-based, that???ll
> deal with the above, and preferably under $200?
> -bjc
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