[talk] pfSense home unit

Beeblebrox zaphod at berentweb.com
Fri Jan 12 11:15:17 EST 2018

Seems I sent failed to cc the list when sending this

>	I’m looking to buy a pfSense router for home use
Also take a look at OPNSense IMHO.

> and was looking for recommendations.
On the hardware side, don't forget that router boxes are optimally designed to handle traffic, so they will perform better than say a generic card + cpu with dual NIC's.

> As for ad blocking, I think I might need a little more horsepower to handle it.
Nope, this is pretty easy; you run your own DNS resolver (unbound) and poison the ad sites by Yoyo.org anti-ad server listing. You can also run encrypted DNS lookup + DNSSEC. A bit out dated, but I once wrote a how-to:

As side note, I would also recommend Privoxy for enhanced privacy. Runs as front-end proxy and privacy filter. You can forward traffic to Tor, based on a "user-agent" filter parameter:


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