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On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 9:59 PM, Beeblebrox <zaphod at berentweb.com> wrote:

> Non-disclosure to the *BSD family of OS IMHO goes beyond trivial excuses
> like "market share" or "NDA issues". I smell deliberate malice.
> I wonder whether any Anti-Trust laws would be applicable?
> But, you need funds for that...
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You are giving the world too much credit for being organized. AMD chips
produced several chip lines that were far better then intel counterparts.
They ran cooler, used less power, and benchmarked better. This went on for
about 2 years (IMHO) but majority of people (users, BSD sysadmins, vars)
did not make the switch. In the time that no one took action intel just
used enough capital to re-invent and catch up.

Hard to cry that "intel dont love us" when the vast majority of people wont
actively buy chips from competitors. They don't care your going to buy
their chips anyway!
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