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Thank you all for your input here. I will dip my toes in the usenet world and give it a try.


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On Jan 31, 2018, 1:21 AM, N.J. Thomas wrote:

> * assaf  [2018-01-30 18:38:54-0500]:
>> Any thoughts on usenet providers (which to use or avoid) and services?
>> Do any of you pay for the service? is it even possible to access
>> usenet groups/servers for free? I am happy to pay for a if necessary.
> Fascinating stuff. I abandoned netnews in the early 2000s, mostly due to
> spam, and also because everyone else had moved onto web-based forums.
> But I found out recently that comp.lang.awk is alive and well, which
> makes me wonder if other comp.* newsgroups are active and if the spam
> can be effectively filtered out.
> As far as I can tell (disclaimer: this is based on only a few minutes of
> web searching), if you are not looking for binaries, you can set up your
> own nntp server and pull down only the stuff you want fairly easily.
> For the folks looking for binaries, there's a number of providers and
> the metric that everyone judges these places by seem to be the monthly
> cost and number of days they are retaining posts.
> Thomas
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