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Here are the talks selected for BSDCan 2018. The full schedule will be
published soon.

100x Faster Clone Deletion for ZFS: Sara Hartse
A Public-Key Trust Infrastructure for FreeBSD: Eric McCorkle
Adding verification to FreeBSD loader: Simon Gerraty
Adventures in OpenBSD pledge: Bob Beck
All along the dwatch tower: Devin Teske
BGP for non-experts: Peter Hessler
BSD from scratch: Sevan Janiyan
devmatch -- matching devices to modules: Warner Losh
eBPF Implementation for FreeBSD: Yutaro Hayakawa
Fighting Spam at the Frontline: Aaron Poffenberger
Forget reusability, aim for perfection: Ingo Schwarze
FreeBSD ARM32/ARM64 :  Porting to a new board: Emmanuel Vadot
How to bootstrap a BSD conference: Li-Wen Hsu
Implementing ZSTD in OpenZFS on FreeBSD: Allan Jude
Imprisoning software with libiocage: Stefan Grönke
Improving netdump hardware support and performance with iflib: Sam Gwydir
Institutionalizing FreeBSD Isolated and Virtualized Hosts Using
bsdinstall(8), zfs(8) and nfsd(8): Michael Dexter
Introducing FreeBSD in new environment: the good, the bad, the ugly:
Baptiste Daroussin
Introducing FreeBSD/VPC: Sean Chittenden
IT automation with Puppet: Romain Tartière
Leveraging Jails for a FaaS System: Brian Downs
Making your own console server using OpenBSD: Kurt Mosiejczuk
Managing BSD Systems with Ansible: Benedict Reuschling
Mininet on OpenBSD: Ayaka Koshibe
Oh, a new Unix shell: Michael MacInnis
OpenBSD/x-ray: Henning Brauer
PASTE: Fast End System Networking with netmap: Michio Honda
PF and networking tutorial with OpenBSD: Peter Hansteen
Plumbing the Internet, BSD-style: Thomas Johnson
Preparing your home router(s) for the future: Massimiliano Stucchi
Profiling the FreeBSD kernel boot: Colin Percival
Replacing Traditional Backup Systems with ZFS: Calvin Hendryx-Parker
RoCE as a performance accelerator: Slava Shwartsman
Running Linux applications on FreeBSD: Chuck Tuffli
slaacd(8): Florian Obser
SSH Key Management: Michael W. Lucas
The Evolution of FreeBSD Governance: Kirk McKusick
The Tragedy of systemd: Benno Rice
The TrueOS Difference: Ken Moore
Vagrant for OpenBSD make installations by the busloads easy: Philipp Buehler
Want to add a disk to OpenZFS' RAID-Z?: Matt Ahrens
Why did my application crash?: Ali Mashtizadeh
Writing TLS secured client and server programs using the libtls API from
libressl: Bob Beck
ZFS send and receive, performance issues and improvements: Rodney W. Grimes
zrepl - ZFS replication: Christian Schwarz

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