[talk] Vpn service

Ipsen S Ripsbusker ipsens at ripsbusker.no.eu.org
Sat Nov 3 23:11:24 EDT 2018

I have been trying to set up VPN but have consistently failed on
OPNSense and OpenBSD. (On OPNSense I think I configure OpenVPN properly
but fail to set up proper rules.) Part of the issue is that I know
very little about networking and there are few tutorials for OPNSense
or OpenBSD. I'm thinking about setting up another router with pfSense
just because lots of tutorials use that. Could anyone suggest either a
tutorial that I might not have seen or a simpler approach that I might
still be able to understand?

Related, my VPN needs are much less ambitious than those discussed on 
this thread:

* Comcast sometimes drops my entire internet connection when I place 
VoIP calls. Based on how it happens, it seems that they do this on 
purpose. At the moment I'm not using Comcast, but I would like to avoid 
this general sort of issue.
* I do not have an internet IP address because I use my next-door 
neighbor's internet connection; an ethernet cable connects her router 
and mine. Hmm. I guess I could set up an IP6 tunnel broker.

Should I consider something other than these VPN services?

I am very happy with AirVPN, IVPN, and Mullvad except that I can't 
configure them on my devices.

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