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On Sun, Nov 4, 2018, 8:43 AM Ipsen S Ripsbusker <ipsens at ripsbusker.no.eu.org

> I have been trying to set up VPN but have consistently failed on
> OPNSense and OpenBSD. (On OPNSense I think I configure OpenVPN properly
> but fail to set up proper rules.) Part of the issue is that I know
> very little about networking and there are few tutorials for OPNSense
> or OpenBSD. I'm thinking about setting up another router with pfSense
> just because lots of tutorials use that. Could anyone suggest either a
> tutorial that I might not have seen or a simpler approach that I might
> still be able to understand?
> Related, my VPN needs are much less ambitious than those discussed on
> this thread:
> * Comcast sometimes drops my entire internet connection when I place
> VoIP calls. Based on how it happens, it seems that they do this on
> purpose. At the moment I'm not using Comcast, but I would like to avoid
> this general sort of issue.
> * I do not have an internet IP address because I use my next-door
> neighbor's internet connection; an ethernet cable connects her router
> and mine. Hmm. I guess I could set up an IP6 tunnel broker.
> Should I consider something other than these VPN services?
> I am very happy with AirVPN, IVPN, and Mullvad except that I can't
> configure them on my devices.
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Try Google openbsd openvpn "comcast"

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