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> Anecdotes as I have lately thinking in terms of the Language that I use
> the most, Which is Java.
> Sun and now Oracle estimate the biggest losses they made is Java where
> Companies like Google made technologies like Android as first stated by
> The Creator of the Language, James Gosling, Where he said "Google Just
> Slimmed Sun(at that time)".
> Now here goes my Anecdotes, cryptic so that Alien don't catch us.
> #runJavaShell
> !JavaShell (Enter)
> !JavaShell setClassPathAndRuntimeEnvironment
> !JavaShell run HelloWorld.war on tomcat
> !JavaShell curl.class http://localhost:8080/ > output.html
> !JavaShell Interpret.class HTML output.html
> !JavaShell "Hello, World!!!"
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