[talk] A Long Drawn Suspense on Ubuntu Installations

Sujit K M kmsujit at gmail.com
Sat Apr 20 08:43:23 EDT 2019

I have been trying Ubuntu since 18.04. Installed it on my Laptop and Desktop.
But one thing I always found was that efi grub somehow fails on both
my machines.
I would love to be given the opportunity to install what I want. I
don't want EFI support
so don't install it by some configuration. For me it is leading to lot
of tricks to  install
Ubuntu on my laptop or desktop like I found out that installing on EXT
filesystem some
how lets it install on 18.04/18.08(This inspite of the fact that
though grub efi install still fails on
18.04/18.08)  also it fails on 19.04 for my laptop some how. I am not
being asked for efi
support or no packages are there to be installed in case of my
desktop. I want to avoid that.

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