[talk] A Long Drawn Suspense on Ubuntu Installations

Sujit K M kmsujit at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 04:15:32 EDT 2019

> hi Sujit,
> Have you tried checking with the local Linux group, NYLUG? I would think
> you would have better luck discussing a Ubuntu install with them, as
> opposed to NYCBUG.
> hth,
> Thomas

Looks like you can select packages to install with or without grub efi
support for example.

I tried several options before landing up with these. Something
similar to FreeBSD like
network installation. Where I could select the packages to deselect
some of the packages.
Though what I was very complicated like if you have windows installed
install grub-win
and the follow the below set of operations.

I could not try and not willing too as it might lead to unusable after
installs of my PC or Laptop.

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