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Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Sat Apr 27 19:43:19 EDT 2019

On 4/27/19 1:03 PM, Isaac (.ike) Levy wrote:

<snip b/c i agree and my head hurts from nodding in agreement :) >

> --
> In the meantime, let me give a user perspective on the current GitHub mirror of the FreeBSD project (from svn sources):
> - It’s damn handy to have around, (quick reads, quicker branch flipping to track history of a problem)
> - I’ve never (and would never) build actual running boxes/anything from it, (it’s “unofficial”, why would I waste time trusting it?)
> - it’s not signed AFAIK (git has decent commit signing mechanisms which can incorporate gpg/pgp, but that’s really a matter of upstream/originators carrying this practice)

/me waves at .ike

after doing a bit of hacking on the graphics stack the past couple years 
i'd have to say that it's been super convenient to have that work happen 
on github as i use git extensively for work and am familiar with the flow.

the only thing i wished was that we used gitlab rather than github - 
then we could trivially have gitlab runner processes and have easy CI 
and testing. we used it at a previous gig of mine and i felt like it is 
a much more robust git-suite when you notice some of the gaps that 
github has.

> —-
> Anyhow, I’ve rambled lots on this issue, and will shut up now.
> Would love to hear others thoughts on this topic!
>> Missing question:
>> - If man pages were more important as part of code acceptance and code review.
>>    (FreeBSD man pages have been slipping/struggling in this latest era)
>> Focusing on DocBook is a tooling question, documentation is about *writing* and coordinating people.
>> The entire coordination of the FreeBSD handbook needs attention, love, and simply someone driving.
>> Good point and I don't disagree. Lord knows I've not been the best at documenting the stuff I've added...

i've had several starts and stoppages attempting to update the graphics 
section of the handbook.  i have limited time, and can crank out wiki 
and markdown stuff quickly - but the LOE of DocBook is a bit high for my 
time constraints tbh.

hopefully this survey can bring this issue to surface and find a way to 
get people more productive - be it better DocBook tools (wysiwyg editor 
would be huge) or move to asciidoc or something...


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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