[talk] other hardware suggestions

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Dec 6 18:54:50 EST 2019

Not to distract from Patrick's thread, but I am looking at two needs
right now:

* some sort of well-supported amd64 hardware comparable in price and
specs to the PCEngine APU2. More than one NIC is good, but I'm wary of
relying on mSATA SSD's as Sony deprecated their line IIRC. m.2 seems to
be the next gen of storage for that world.

* similar hardware with four or more USB ports, for the role of a serial
console server. I assume there are still people out there not looking to
go rely on custom hardware for that role, and really assuming there are
some of us not living solely in the smog.

I am interested in others' experiences with the ethernet to serial
dongles for remote serial...

Not a fan of going the Intel NUC route, as closed hardware, locked down
BIOS' and endless binaries still doesn't excite me.

Also the ARM SoC game is played for me, so long as it's relying on
microSD cards, and the BSD ARM64 platforms still lag behind amd64
support AFAIK.


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