[talk] Concisely determining exit codes of background jobs

Ipsen S Ripsbusker ipsens at ripsbusker.no.eu.org
Tue Feb 12 20:55:31 EST 2019

As a tangent to Ivan's talk, we discussed the merits of checking of exit
status (or other indicators of success) of parallel calls to scp.
If I recall correctly, Ivan started multiple background scp processes
with &, and then he waited for them to complete with the following
command, which always exits 0.


The following command waits for the same background processes, and
it still exits 0 if all processes exited 0. It differs in that it
exits 1 if any process exited with something other than 0.

  wait `jobs -p`

Note that these are of course the standard wait(1) and jobs(1),
which are usually builtins in sh(1).

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