[talk] 5GHz wireless adapters

Brian Callahan callab5 at rpi.edu
Mon Jul 29 22:09:26 EDT 2019

On 7/29/19 9:49 PM, George Rosamond wrote:
> Greetings.
> I'm in a situation where the only decent wireless network is at 5GHz and
> I'm running OpenBSD -current with a variety of older run(4) iwn(4) and
> urtwn(4) devices.... which only do 2.4GHz.
> Can anyone recommend hardware (not just the chipsets) that support 5GHz
> on the spectrum for OpenBSD?
> Bonus points if they carry them at a retail outlet in NYC.
> USB nubs preferred, while mini pci is a longer term option.

While bwfm(4) does technically have USB support, I don't think I've ever 
seen or heard of a wifi dongle with that chipset.

There are several options for iwm(4). Though if you're currently using 
iwn(4) devices, then I think that limits your upgrade options to the 3160:

Although now that I look, I found a 7260 in the older half-height style:

I have a 3165 in my current laptop and it works great on 5G.


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