[talk] 5GHz wireless adapters and DB9 cables

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On Tue, Jul 30, 2019, 10:19 AM Ibsen S Ripsbusker <
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> I have lots of wifi devices that I got in hopes that one would work. I'm
> pretty sure they are all supported, but I still find wires easier. I will
> look for 5Ghz and bring any such devices.
> Even so, I am recently finding that even Ethernet wire can be too much
> work for incompetent me. Would anyone like to trade a DB9 cable for a beer?

Though I might be a little less knowledgeable in how to configure it via
command line, but wpa_supplicant and network manager does the trick every
time. It takes some time to accept to do this as it is horrible to from
what was there and what we do today, also looks like we are doing more
command line now a days. But the command line option is horrible and for me
it never works.

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