[talk] NYC*BUG Aug

Ipsen S Ripsbusker ipsens at ripsbusker.no.eu.org
Sun Jun 30 15:02:42 EDT 2019

I am happy to present on portable video production.

I select my video production software based on free licensing, portability, ease of installation, compatibility with OpenBSD, usability, and whether it accomplishes whatever I want to do.

I consequently produce videos on OpenBSD with vim, make, ffmpeg, mkvmerge, mpv, sox, Glottolog, aucat, bc, fossil, borgbackup, R, Python, ImageMagick, files, and custom Unix-style utilities. My competence with such portable video editing software has come in handy when I have needed to use GNU/Linux and Windows.

I will touch on many parts of my video production process, including planning, recording, editing video streams, editing audio streams, composition of subtitles, translation of subtitles, encoding, publishing, and version control.

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